is a multi-disciplinary firm offering a degree of personalized professional consultancy services in architectural, national construction, engineering and project management consulting engineering practice, was founded in Khartoum in April 2008, with a registered branch in Juba. The Company is committed to the highest levels of expertise and professional standards, free of commercial interest, and is qualified and organized to provide full consultancy services covering feasibility study, architectural programming, design, documentation and supervision for all building engineering services. Since 2008, the Company has undertaken over 5 major building projects covering a wide range of building types including hotels, commercial, residential, and offices. The Company accepts full professional responsibility for the design and supervision of works executed under its control, and provides comprehensive and coordinated services in various stages from conception to completion.


Mission :

We are committed to excellence continuous of our professional service & delivery standards; it is achievable via: Development & empowerment of our human resources. Defining quality standards. Monitoring compliance. Improve current practices and identify new means, methods and technologies for industry professionals to follow. Seek opportunities to work for worthy causes within our communities. Implement conscience minded decisions to mitigate the impact of the built environment. Create opportunities for our alliance partners to grow along with us.

Vision :

Be the most respected and sought-after construction-consulting firm for clients and employees. We offer our advisory services across a project’s lifecycle within the general scope of risk, quality, management, estimating, scheduling and productivity. Our focus allows us to independently provide the real world cost-effective solutions that will assist our client’s in achieving substantial completion on-time and within their budget. We assist our clients by solving complex problems that often require distinct engineering and construction knowledge. However, the manner and style in which we evaluate and communicate our findings and provide our recommendations separate us from our competition.
Lina Elsheikh
Fatima Yassir Ali
Suha Haider Ali

Team of Architects



MR. BOUM ANDREW MAKUR Residential & Hospitality Scope of service: Design Location: South Sudan - Juba Site Area: 1,110 m² Date: JUN. 2013

albarajoub Show room

Scope of service: Design Location: SOBA-Khartoum Site Area: 1,200 m² Date: SEP. 2012

albarajoub Show room

Scope of service: Design Location: South Sudan - Juba Site Area: 625 m² Date: Jun. 2015

MR STANS MABUR Project: heading

Stans Mabur Residence Scope of service: Design + Build Contracting Location: Juba – CES - South Sudan Area: 900 m² Date: Apr. 2012